COVID, social distancing and restrictions will change the way that Team MOAB will run the Second Hand Stall at CANCON this year. After discussions with the CGS the Second Hand Stall will operate as listed below on ticketed fixed entry times.

Please understand that these changes are made in response to existing restrictions, and are subject to change. Full refunds will be issued as necessary if the event is cancelled or the Second Hand Stall is unable to operate.

To get all the information please go here, CANCON 2nd Hand Stall page

The ‘Sutherland Shire Gamers’, is a tabletop gaming club whose members play a range of Miniature, Card and Board games.

We meet every Friday night from 6.30pm to 11.30pm at the Sylvania Heights Community and Youth Club located on Box Road Sylvania Heights.

Visitors are welcome, you can either organise a game in advance via our Meetup Group or Facebook page or you can just come up and join in on the night. If you want can always just come up and have a look around.

Aside from our regular Friday night gaming we also organise themed Friday night games and occasionally meet on the weekend to play larger games or just have an all in brawl.

In addition to our regular gaming activities the Club runs a major wargaming convention known as MOAB (Mother of All Battles) on the October long weekend in Sydney, and on behalf of the Canberra Games Society runs the Second Hand Stall at CANCON in Canberra in January of each year.