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Hordes of the Things Tournament at MOAB

Players are able to, as an option, participate in the international The Good, The Bad and Ugly Tournament, where scores at MOAB are matched against corresponding tournaments overseas. There is no extra cost in doing this.

Rules & Terrain: Hordes of the Things 2.1 will be used. Terrain will be provided, but you can also bring your own terrain. Scale & Armies: A single 36AP army is to be used, and the scale is 15mm (or 40mm wide bases).If you do not have an army, but still want to participate, please contact the organiser in advance and an army can be provided. Note that the total of elements costing 3AP or 4AP cannot exceed 50% (or 18AP) of the army.

Table size will be 60cm x 80cm to accommodate the larger army size. The attacker numbers one long edge 1-2, and the other 3-6 to determine the deployment edge.

International Good, Bad & Ugly Tournament: If taking part in the Good, the Bad and Ugly tournament, there is a theme of A Walk in History: Here be Dragons. The main requirement of this theme is that armies are historically based, but at least 4AP to 16AP of the army points are to be “fantasy” elements. The theme does not have to be followed, but a special international award is given to the best themed army out of all the international tournaments held.

Time: Please arrive by 9:15 am on the Monday, as play is to start at 9:30 am sharp. Four battles will be fought, with an hour allowed for each game, and time in between to catch up with friends and visit the stalls. We will finish well before 3:00 pm.

Players pack here

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