CANCON 2022 Second Hand Stall Tickets

UPDATE:The Second Hand Stall will be located in the Tea Tree and Pelican rooms in the Coorong Pavilion.

COVID, social distancing and restrictions will change the way that Team MOAB will run the Second Hand Stall at CANCON this year. After discussions with the CGS the Second Hand Stall will operate as listed below on ticketed fixed entry times.

Please understand that these changes are made in response to existing restrictions, and are subject to change. Full refunds will be issued as necessary if the event is cancelled or the Second Hand Stall is unable to operate.

To enter the Second Hand Stall:

  • You must have a valid CANCON ticket (wrist band), AND
  • You must have a valid Second Hand Stall ticket.
  • ALL ages must be ticketed.

Restrictions and Covid Rules:

  • Entry is ticketed and is restricted to groups of 80 people (maximum) at designated Session times which will be on the hour or thereabouts.
  • Masks must be worn when inside the building and please practice safe social distancing when outside.
  • Queueing to enter the Second Hand Stall is restricted to 5 minutes before the stated session time.
  • Our regular Terms and Conditions apply see our website for further information.

Sessions and Tickets:

  • Entry is restricted to set Session times and tickets in advance or booked on the day, vacancies permitting.
  • One ticket permits one person to enter per session time.
  • First Wave and Second Wave tickets, the first and second sessions on Saturday, cost $20 and $5 respectively
  • All other session times for the weekend are free.
  • 4 sessions per day can be booked, consecutive or otherwise. Any sessions over 4, for the same email address will be removed.
  • Entry times are a guide only. This is a unique situation and we thank all attendees in advance for your patience and understanding.
  • Ticket holders will have 45 minutes shopping with 15 minutes to process sales per session except Monday which has only one session time of 2 hour duration.
  • To help us process people quickly please ensure that you have your tickets ready when entering.

Sellers - Important Information:

  • Sellers do not need to have a ticketed entry for CanCon or the Second-hand Stall when delivering items for sale on Friday, you will still need to QR code in.
  • Sellers will need to be ticketed in for CancCon and the Second Hand-stall at all other times over the weekend, this is to ensure that the convention and stall capacity is not exceeded