CANCON 2020 Second Hand Stall

We will be returning to CANCON 2020 to run the Second Hand Stall on behalf of the Canberra Games Society.


  • We will be accepting credit and debit cards at CANCON 2020, as well as CASH.
  • Because we are now accepting card payments, any payments to a Seller over $100 will be done by bank transfer.
  • We will be introducing a THREE DAY PRICING OPTION; this is optional, a Seller can elect to have a different price for an item on each day.
  • There will be only 2 queues this year – the First Wave ticket holders and General admission, we will not be offering the different timed entries as before.
  • Given the amount of time and effort involved in collecting and posting items back to their owners a Handling fee of $10.00 will now be charged in addition to the postage costs.
  • Some Sellers are still using their own forms and or labels which mean that we incur additional costs in running the B&B, we need more people. To recoup some of our costs we are going to put an additional charge on Sellers who do not register online and who do not use our labelling system. These charges will be in addition to our standard 10% commission, please see below for details.
    Additional Charges for the Second Hand stall or Bring and Buy 2020
    Type Notes Charge
    Registered online and labelled 0
    USB registrations at the event Official MOAB labels provided $5
    Unofficial labels on items * $5
    Not registered online * $5
    * These are cumulative i.e not registered online and using other labels is $10.00.

NOTE: Placing items for sale in the CANCON 2nd Hand Stall is an acceptance of all terms and conditions.

Please subscribe to our updates for the Second Hand Stall at CANCON. To improve our service, we regularly review and may change our forms, sales procedures and hours of operation from year to year. By receiving updates you will be kept informed of any changes made.