CANCON 2019 Second Hand Stall

CANCON 2019 Second-hand Stall update.

Wow, what a weekend! Thanks again to all sellers and customers at this year’s CANCON Second-hand Stall with a very big round of applause for the hard working CANCON staff who were, as always, very helpful.

The heat was appalling and soon made just being there very hard work.

Nobody in their right mind wanted to stand outside in a queue and very soon the various queues snaked around the pavilion getting intermingled and soon nobody knew who was where or when etc.

Given the disruption that the heat, pavilion layout and just having so many differently timed entry queues caused we are looking at having just two queues, the First Wave and the General Entry queues at next year’s CANCON.

Waiting times and disruption were kept to a minimum as our revised computer system and our new labelling system with barcode all worked a treat. In all it was a great success.

After reviewing the data, over 90% of items sold used our labels and over 85% of problem items (unidentifiable, unsellable or leftover) used other labelling systems or were hand written.

To help increase sales, reduce expenditure and aggravation, reduce processing and wait times we will be reviewing our fees so as to incentivise our sellers to use our online registration system and our barcode labels.

We will also be introducing credit/debit card transactions.

As we get closer to CANCON 2020, please visit our website to keep up to date with any changes that we make to our fees and systems.

Thank you for your patronage.

Sutherland Shire Gamers.