MOAB Tournaments
At the bottom of this page is the list of the Tournaments that are being run at MOAB 2017.

Please note that when registering, your email address will be forwarded to the relevant Tournament Organiser. We do this so that they can contact you with important updates and new information that is relevant to your registration and tournament.  If you do not want your email address to be supplied to the Tournament Organiser then please contact the MOAB Organiser.

Important information about entering MOAB 2017.

  • Entering in advance helps us to plan table numbers and allocate space to events.
  • The registration process is now live. If you have any issues, please contact us at MOAB Organiser.
  • One day entry: $25.00
  • Two day entry: $40.00
  • Three day entry: $50.00

PLUS any prize pool for the event.

The following fees for tournaments will apply after the 17th September 2017.

  • One day entry: $35.00
  • Two day entry: $50.00
  • Three day entry: $60.00

PLUS any prize pool for the event.

Payment can be made by PayPal (using a PayPal account or credit/debit card). Ensure you use your Confirmation ID is included in any correspondence regarding payments so we can identify who you are.

Please note that if insufficient entries for a tournament have been received prior to MOAB start date, the tournament may be subject to cancellation.

Players Packs

AOS Player PackBatman ButtonBolt Action ButtonChain of Command ButtonDBA v22 ButtonDBA v3 ButtonEPIC 40K ButtonField of Glory Renaissance ButtonFlames of War ButtonHorus Heresy 30K ButtonImpetus (Basic) ButtonInfinity ButtonJudgement ButtonLArt Ge Guerre 15 ButtonMalifaux ButtonSword & Spear ButtonWarhammer 40K ButtonWarmachine Hordes ButtonX-Wing Button