Bring and Buy FAQ

Have you ever been to a Bring & Buy before? If not, it’s a second hand stall where gamers bring their ‘less used’ stuff they no longer need and sell it for cash (usually to buy more stuff … we are gamers after all). Here are some of the usual questions we get …

What sort of stuff can I sell?

Pretty much anything wargaming related. You can sell individual models, whole armies, or just sprues you have left over. Magazines, rulebooks, source books, manuals, board games, and more. If you think it’s something to someone else, then bring it along and see what you can get for it.

What sort of stuff can I NOT sell?

Wargamers are pretty nerdy and like some weird stuff, but even we draw limits. We reserve the right to not allow items for sale particularly if they are unsafe (or illegal). For example we don’t accept clothes, shoes, hand bags, stereo equipment, car tyres or food unless its gaming related (ie a Warhammer T-Shirt would be ok). If in doubt contact the MOAB Organiser to confirm if its ok.

How do I go about selling stuff?

Items for sale are accepted early on the day prior to opening. All items need to be clearly marked on our Bring & Buy forms, numbered sequentially, and you need to accept our terms and conditions. Our advice – put a price on the item which you would pay for it. Items in the Bring & Buy won’t sell if there’s a high price on an item. It’s a second hand store, so people are after bargains.

Labelling your items

Items for sale MUST be clearly labelled with FOUR letters (e.g. your initials or some other combination of letters) and an item number, for example SBAG001, SBAG002, along with the price.

Can I mark down my prices?

Yes, generally during quiet periods. You need to update the form as well as the price on the items. But you need to be very clear when making price changes.

Are there any costs to selling stuff?

There is no cost when placing items for sale, although the Club collects 10% of all sales to help cover the costs of room and table hire, as well as various other expenses with running the Bring & Buy.

When do I get my money and pick up unsold items?

At any time (except during the first few hours) – it is your money and stuff after all. We’d prefer it during a quieter period – just come and ask staff for help. Be warned – the place you left your items will more than likely NOT be the place where you’ll find them. It is often the case that a BnB’er will carry around your item, have a think, have a chat, have another think, and then leave it somewhere else. And since there can be A LOT of stuff to go through, ensure you have enough time.

How much stuff is there to buy?

There’s no guarantee how much will turn up year to year but it’s normally more than we have space for.

Where can I find it?

In 2016 we moved to a newer larger area – it will be in the gym downstairs near the main carpark/fields. 

How do I buy stuff?

Just like a store, you bring your items to the service desk and help staff sort through what you have. This can take some time as you may have a bunch of items from many different sellers. Staff have to mark off each item on each sellers form, so please be patient. Also having the right amount of money helps.

Can I haggle?

No, there’s no haggling. Prices are fixed.

Can I reserve items?

Again no, we don’t reserve items. We may be able to hold an item temporarily if you need to go and get more money, however we will put the item back for sale if you do not collect in promptly (normally 30 minutes).

How do I pay?

CASH ONLY, as we don’t have EFTPOS. And we don’t accept IOU’s, livestock, veges or gold coins (well, fake gold coins).

Anything else we need to know?

If you have further questions you can email the organiser. But generally, be there early to get the better bargains, be patient with staff (we’re volunteers after all), bring cash, and be nice.

Add any new questions below in comments …

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